singapore prize

Singapore Prizes are awards given out to individuals or organizations for outstanding work in any field of endeavour. These prizes may be distributed at events, online, or via mail; their purpose is to recognize outstanding achievements while encouraging further success; many winners also receive cash prizes that they can use towards furthering their careers or for any other appropriate use as determined by organizers.

This prize, launched in 2014 and administered by NUS Department of History, seeks to broaden our definition of what constitutes Singapore history by accepting writings that encompass different time periods, themes and fields of study; all with significant mention of Singapore elements within their narrative. The winner will be presented with a cash prize of S$50,000.

This year’s contest will focus on “resonance”, with judges looking for stories that resonate with readers and are captivating in their telling. This marks the first time there will be an award with an identifiable theme; previously awards were granted based on literary quality or overall impact of work submitted for consideration.

As well as receiving a prize, winning entries will also be displayed at the event and published in a special edition of our magazine – giving them exposure and increasing their reach to a wider audience.

Recently, a new prize was unveiled to foster the development of emerging Asian authors and writers. The Deborah Rogers Writers’ Prize aims to offer emerging authors the opportunity to complete their debut novels; for the inaugural year it includes both English and Chinese writing categories – making Clara Wen-Ning Teo an extraordinary feat as she became only writer ever to win both English fiction and creative nonfiction categories!

On Tuesday evening in Singapore, The Earthshot Prize was revealed at a gala awards ceremony. Intended to accelerate solutions for climate change, Accion Andina, GRST, WildAid Marine Programme and S4S Technologies received awards. Prince William hosted this special ceremony and spoke about the importance of innovation. This event took place as part of Week of Earthshot Singapore; prize funding comes from both Royal Foundation and Temasek Trust.

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