The SDY Prize is an esteemed award that recognizes students for outstanding achievements in their studies. Winners receive both monetary prizes and networking opportunities with other researchers in their field, which could prove invaluable when searching for future employment. In addition, winning this prestigious award can raise self-esteem levels among participants while establishing themselves as leaders within their discipline.

Not limited to honoring scientists, the sdy prizes also honor writers and journalists who tackle topics affecting everyday life – for instance a recent award went to a New York Times columnist who wrote about online sexism in schools – that can help people better comprehend issues that might otherwise go under-recognized.

Candidates for the Sdy Prize must be fulltime university students enrolled in their final year and have passed all units of study. Furthermore, they must have conducted original research that has been published in peer reviewed journals as well as being presented at scientific conferences. This award aims to recognize students who excel at studies while inspiring them to keep going, giving confidence that their efforts are appreciated and making an impactful difference to society at large.

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