The Art of Dominoes


Dominoes are small rectangular wooden or plastic blocks with one end blank and the other marked with dots reminiscent of dice, designed for playing dominoes games in which one domino is tipped over and causes its neighbors to also fall. Dominoes can be strung together into long chains; making intricate designs possible. Dominoes traditionally made of bone, silver lip ocean pearl oyster shell (mother of pearl), ivory or dark hardwood such as ebony; these types typically feature black or white inlaid or painted pips on each side whereas modern sets may feature ceramic clay, marble granite or brass finishes as well.

Dominoes can be enjoyed by two or more players. In the most common version, each player starts the game by placing one or more dominoes on a table so that their ends touch other dominoes and then takes turns placing their domino so its number shows on either end or both ends, matching its number with that on an adjacent domino. Play continues until one or more players cannot match anymore dominoes; any blank matches may be discarded before moving onto the next domino.

No matter the shape or size, when dominoes collapse they release immense energy. Each domino has potential energy stored from its position on the tabletop that it transfers when tipping over, sometimes leading to even further collapse of adjacent dominoes as well. Sometimes this transference causes one domino to tip over on its own before eventually spreading further along its line.

Hevesh’s impressive domino installations begin by considering their theme and purpose before creating images or words that may help convey that concept. Once she has an overall idea for her installation, Hevesh tests it before using an adaptation of engineering-design principles to plan out each section.

Hevesh maintains a YouTube channel to showcase her amazing domino art work, including her intricate domino arrangements that involve thousands of individual dominoes. Her creations have even been used for movie and TV productions and events like Katy Perry’s album launch!

Consider the domino effect as an aid in your fiction writing to remind yourself that plot is an ongoing chain reaction of actions and reactions. No matter if you prefer writing on the fly or outlining, each scene must impact those before it. For example, if your protagonist discovers an obvious lead only to disregard it in subsequent scenes then that would indicate plot problems arising; using this image of dominoes can also help identify unnecessary scenes which do not add tension to your storyline.

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