data sgp

Data SGP is a tool designed to assist educators and parents in better assessing student progress. It offers an overview of students’ performance over time and how it compares with students of similar achievement histories, helping educators and parents pinpoint any struggling students who might require extra support, while simultaneously recognizing high achieving students and celebrating achievements.

The sgpData package contains data used for estimating student growth percentiles (SGP), an integral part of American assessment that serves to measure teacher, school and district effectiveness. Furthermore, SGP serves as one of several indicators to gauge teacher and leader effectiveness within Teacher Key Effectiveness System and Leader Key Effectiveness System assessments.

Utilizing data sgp with the sgpData package is straightforward and can be done in various ways. The most straightforward way is by calling the function sgpData() which will return a data frame; alternatively, call sgpData(list or list[1:]), whereby latter option returns all students who fall within specified range for SGP scores.

SGPs are determined by comparing a student’s current test score with his or her prior one and then dividing this difference by their standard deviation, producing a percentage to indicate how much improvement has occurred relative to other students with similar test score histories; the higher an SGP rating indicates greater gains for that particular individual student.

As the number of SGPs grows, school leaders require reliable and usable data. To meet this need, the edSGP project has designed a web-based interface which will allow users to visually represent SGPs and related data in an easily navigable graphical form; also providing a means for sharing data across districts, states and national datasets and identifying trends over time.

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