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Hong Kong is often associated with shopping and dim sum, but many don’t realize there are also numerous pools here to enjoy swimming in. From world’s highest pool at Ritz-Carlton to natural infinity pools on mountaintops – there are numerous places for visitors to relax while taking advantage of Hong Kong’s warm temperatures!

Hong Kong boasts many breathtakingly beautiful places where swimming is possible, as well as exceptional public swimming pools operated by Leisure and Cultural Services Department. These pools offer activities including water sports training courses for adults during weekdays at HK$17/day; on weekends it rises to HK$19; children aged under three gain entrance for free. Senior citizens aged 3-13 as well as students can receive concessionary rates.

Hong Kong boasts 22 public swimming pools, with 9 on Hong Kong Island, 13 in Kowloon and 12 in the New Territories. These watering holes are great places for cooling off during a hot summer day; many feature fountains, splash buckets or water slides for maximum fun and enjoyment! These facilities make great places for families to spend quality time together!

Swimming offers many other advantages as a form of exercise besides just the physical benefits it can bring. Swimming can help lower stress levels, especially beneficial to those suffering from depression or mental health conditions; improve sleep quality; lower blood pressure; burn up to 200 calories an hour which is great way to shed extra weight while improving overall health; plus it burns up to 200 calories an hour!

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If you’re not ready to invest in a permanent pool yet, inflatable models from HK Pools could be an ideal alternative. Crafted with triple layer reinforced materials for durability and affordability, they’re easy to set up without professional assistance; safe for toddlers and children of any age; come with one-year warranties; plus online purchase provides free delivery with no hidden fees!

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