The Hongkong Prize is one of Hong Kong’s premier writing contests and can help build your author reputation. However, its fierce competition requires you to dedicate considerable time and energy into entering. However, if writing is something that you love doing passionately then entering is certainly worth your while!

This award is a prestigious prize given out annually to writers interested in Asian culture and Hong Kong. Winners receive a monetary prize, shopping vouchers and F&B perks; in addition they will also be invited to an awards ceremony where guests will applaud their accomplishments and offer congratulations for attending. In addition to receiving this financial prize they will gain global exposure as well as top-tier media coverage for their achievement.

This year’s winners of the HK Prize can be found all around the globe and are vital contributors to global society. Their research often contributes to economic development in their home countries or to fields such as health, social welfare and environmentalism – and winning this award is an incredible way to recognize their hard work while potentially helping them to be even more successful in future endeavors.

Every applicant for the HK Science and Technology Innovation Prize will be evaluated by a panel of quality experts from academic institutions and enterprises in Hong Kong. The experts will assess each candidate’s scientific and technological innovation achievements, their transformation into commercial achievements, as well as societal or economic value created. The Board acts as the decision-making body of this Prize; suggesting important scientific research areas; appointing members of Review Committee/Compliance Oversight Team/Setting nomination requirements/verifying final review results before organizing award ceremonies;

Applicant will receive a comprehensive feedback report that provides a non-prescriptive account of their strengths and areas for improvement based on criteria. This will equip them with valuable information to improve their performance and strengthen their application. Shortlisted applicants will have the chance to meet with quality experts for feedback discussions about their submissions, receiving further advice for improving them.

This prize is open to artists residing or working in Hong Kong and does not discriminate based on gender, race or ethnicity, colour, immigration status, national origin religion disability sexual orientation and artistic training or background. Shortlisted artworks will be exhibited at ArtCall Exhibition Space in September 2023 with all proceeds going directly to Justice Centre Hong Kong who strives to ensure no person is left alone on their journey towards protection and decent lives.

Newspaper Society of Hong Kong organized its newspaper competition and received entries from 12 Chinese and English-language newspapers across Hong Kong. Edmond Tang of China Daily emerged victorious this year for his article detailing issues caused by cut-rate tours; other winning stories focused on city development or other topics of relevance to Hong Kongers.

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