What is an RTP Slot?

rtp slot

An RTP slot is defined as any machine which returns more money on average to players than other machines, although this doesn’t guarantee them success; rather, it increases their chances of winning while helping manage bankroll. No matter your skill level or experience in slot playing, understanding RTP rates is vital for making better decisions about which slots to play; many factors determine this such as game setup, base game mechanics and volatility (how often or big wins occur in particular slots).

Misconceptions about RTP in slot games often arise from either misinformation or simply ignorance. It’s essential to remember that RTP of slot machines is just an estimate and not guaranteed, calculated from millions of spins without taking individual player luck into account; when it comes to big wins or hot streaks, RTP doesn’t account for it – all it does is generate unique combinations of symbols every time the reels spin!

If you want to increase your odds of winning at slot machines, always aim for maximum bet. Doing this not only increases your odds but it can also reveal the game’s true RTP and give a higher chance of hitting bonus rounds or unlocking higher-prize jackpots.

Finding an RTP in any slot’s paytable or help page should be straightforward, with any important details highlighted and easily visible. Online, top casino sites usually publish RTP information as part of their offering – look for those listing them under italic icons on game tiles to make sure your search yields positive results!

Misconceptions about RTP include that higher RTP numbers indicate greater chances of winning, which while true over time may not hold true during short sessions due to RTP being a theoretical percentage that does not take into account that there may be multiple ways of winning at slot machines.

RTP should not be the sole factor when selecting a slot machine, but it can serve as an indication of its quality and value. For instance, slots with high RTP and frequent payouts could make an excellent starting point for novice slotters; those newer to the game might prefer another with lower payouts but smaller jackpots instead.

S&P High Yield Dividend Aristocrats ETF

Are you in search of a trustworthy place to play online roulette for real money? Look no further. Our experts have tested and rated all the top websites available – making sure that when making deposits on them you are playing with reliable companies. Just read reviews first before making deposits!

The S&P High Yield Dividend Aristocrats ETF tracks the S&P High Yield Index and offers exposure to large cap dividend-paying companies that exhibit value characteristics in the US equity market. It’s intended for long-term investors; currently holding 60 holdings that tend toward consumer, utilities, and industrial stocks which may not offer enough diversification compared to other value funds.

SDY invests primarily in companies with significant dividend payments that have an impressive track record for growing them over time, unlike other ETFs which invest primarily in small and mid cap companies that meet this criteria. SDY favors larger firms which fulfill this criterion compared to diversifying more widely, providing better stability and higher long-term success chances.

This website offers a no-committal trial period to let you experience their software and determine if it meets your needs. Their user-friendly software makes the experience seamless; simply customize your betting preferences for a personalized experience and watch live matches while placing bets via mobile phone or tablet – one of the easiest forms of gambling available online! It makes an ideal option when considering online gambling sites!

To sign up for a free trial with SDY, visit the website or call their customer support line and have someone walk you through the process. Plus, SDY software works seamlessly across PCs and Macs!

SDY website is an invaluable tool for those seeking to win big online. Offering an array of casino games and an attractive layout that’s simple to navigate, they also offer many bonuses and promotions tailored specifically for new customers. Their website is updated frequently to provide you with all of the newest games and promotions – making this an excellent way to begin playing casino games and start winning big! Moreover, their customer service representatives are always ready to provide assistance if needed. SDY staff will always be on hand to assist if you have any inquiries or are experiencing difficulty using their software. Furthermore, they offer tips on how to play each game to make your casino experience even more pleasurable! Plus, SDY’s website is user-friendly making them a top pick for those seeking an engaging casino experience!

Singapore Pools Review

Most Singaporeans are familiar with betting games 4D and TOTO, yet few know much about their creator. Singapore Pools was established on 23 May 1968 and remains one of the most responsible gaming companies in Singapore today.

As well as offering traditional games, the company also provides many other betting options including football live scores and motor racing statistics that can assist bettors with placing high-probability bets. You can even bet in-play – with odds and betting markets updated live – while its website is mobile-friendly making betting accessible from any device worldwide.

Singapore Pools is an official lottery operator in Singapore, providing gambling games to local citizens aged 21 or above. Their services are regulated by the government, while players must meet age criteria before participating. With an unwavering emphasis on responsible gaming and an impeccable track record, this company also holds World Lottery Association certification and an WLA Responsible Gambling Framework Level 4 license.

Signing up with Singapore pools requires being either a citizen or permanent resident of Singapore, using either MyInfo with Singpass or filling out an online form on their official website – either of these options should take between 2-5 minutes to complete, with identity verification as part of each process.

Singapore pools offers various methods for depositing and withdrawing money, including online through bank link or eNETS, in person at any Singapore pools outlet, and cash payments at select POSB branches. Please be aware that you can only make these transactions if you already have an account with them; any other methods relying on third-party service providers could incur additional fees.

An additional perk of having a Singapore pools account is access to customer support through email and telephone. Should any issues arise while using the website, their team of support specialists are on hand to help address these.

Since Yeo assumed leadership of Singapore Pools in 2018, he has undertaken to transform customer touchpoints. These once consisted of mostly in-person counter service; now however, Yeo has implemented digital channels and mobile platforms which enable customers to manage their accounts themselves, onboard new ones more easily, as well as collaborate with government efforts against illegal gambling activity.

Data Governance in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (“PDPO”) mandates that any person who obtains personal data of another must only use it with their consent or that of that individual’s respective. While disclosure for law enforcement purposes may sometimes be necessary, PDPO provides grounds upon which data users can justify disclosing personal information for other uses.

One of the primary responsibilities of government and its agencies in Hong Kong is protecting others’ interests, which includes preventing serious crime and protecting public order and safety. Protecting national security and foreign affairs requires maintaining Hong Kong’s economic integrity while upholding national health and security; simultaneously protecting reputation of both government agencies as well as any misuse or collection of personal data beyond PDPO guidelines is another responsibility that falls on its shoulders.

An alternative method of collecting data about populations is through census enumerations or census. Here, governments collect and evaluate demographic information gleaned both through official sources and private organizations, so as to gain a better understanding of who their governed are and their needs for education, healthcare, economic development opportunities and social well-being.

Thirdly, personal data should be disclosed in response to requests from the public or official bodies. This can include requests under the PDPO as well as inquiries by law enforcement agencies or regulatory bodies regarding complaints, investigations or inquiries into suspected violations. Once obtained this data can be used in various ways to enhance public services and minimize fraud.

Personal data disclosure should always serve to protect an individual’s rights and interests, such as medical records. Such sensitive information can be collected for various reasons including improving patient care and safety, monitoring trends in health and conducting research; additionally it may help determine eligibility for certain social welfare programs.

An effective data governance program begins by creating a team consisting of both business and IT subject matter experts who serve as data stewards, providing communication channels between departments. Experienced business analysts make outstanding IT stewards, while data and enterprise architects serve as essential IT stewards. Team leaders often serve as responsible parties for overseeing the tasks of other stewards, initiating regular audits and metrics reviews, as well as serving as primary points of escalation to steering committee or executive sponsor. It is recommended that they are experienced project managers with expertise in leading teams. Implementing a Responsibility Assignment Matrix such as “RACI”, which stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed can help team members manage relationships more effectively while simultaneously informing each of their specific roles and how best to fulfill them.

What is a Live RTP Slot?

RTP (Return to Player) is a commonly used term in online gambling circles. It indicates how much of a game’s overall payouts go back into players and it provides valuable insight for managing bankroll more effectively and making smart gameplay decisions. But keep in mind that RTP should only serve as a guideline when it comes to choosing casino games!

Live RTP slots are online slot machines which display the Return-to-Player percentage in real time based on real results from its players, providing you with an innovative way to evaluate slots machines. It may assist with decision-making regarding which games to play and meeting any bonus offer requirements more easily; something which may prove particularly helpful if attempting to meet them with certain games.

Numerous new players often struggle with RTP statistics and how they work. A common misperception is that higher RTP equals more frequent wins; however, this is not true: higher RTP simply indicates that slots will return more of your money over a longer period. While winning opportunities still exist within this scenario, greater playing times might be needed before experiencing any major wins.

Most online casinos provide their RTP information on their websites or directly on the slot machines themselves – usually listed somewhere like an information screen or help screen. This data is required by law in most jurisdictions, making it a powerful way of choosing which slots to play and researching each type before playing as each has different rules which dictate when and how often wins can occur.

There are various factors that influence the RTP of a slot machine, including its software, variance and hit frequency. Although its RTP can differ between casinos, online casinos generally boast higher returns due to having access to hundreds or even thousands of slots at once without limited space constraints imposed by physical ones.

Even though online slots have become immensely popular, many misconceptions still remain regarding their RTP (Return on Investment). Some people mistakenly think the RTP is either fixed at a constant percentage, or fluctuates over time or between machines; both assumptions are incorrect as other factors determine how much a slot pays out; including its Random Number Generator and machine variance which influence payout amounts as well as player count which also impact this figure.

Aku Demo Slot – How To Choose A Legitimate Agen Bola Tangan Tanpa Resiko

If you’re curious to try your luck at online casino gaming before investing any real cash, an Akun Demo Slot may be just what you need. Available free from many reputable casinos, this service offers you an opportunity to experience each game before deciding if playing for real is something that speaks to you. Easily accessible on any computer system and can last as long as needed before making a decision about real playing money games or not.

Video poker can be enjoyed on both PCs and Macs, with gameplay resembling video poker but more immersive and rewarding thanks to bonuses and jackpots. Plus, this game comes in several languages for optimal user experience – making it an excellent choice for casual or serious gamers alike!

When selecting an agency without risk for betting online, make sure it is licensed and offers outstanding customer support. This will give you peace of mind that the site is secure and that there won’t be any scams; to determine this best read through its terms and conditions carefully prior to opening an account and find out about any security measures put into place that protect both your privacy and finances.

As your first step, verify the security and licensing of any agent bola di tangan website you’re considering. There are various ways of doing this; visiting their official site, calling their support line or searching online reviews are some methods. Reputable websites will have advanced security measures including SSL encryption which protect your personal details against hackers or any potential risks.

Un additional way to ensure the security of your data is by choosing a site with a reliable payment system. This will protect both your bank details and winnings; additionally, check each agent bola di tangan’s terms and conditions to see what their policies are.

Final Step: Locate an Accredited Gambling Website that Provides Multiple Games This will ensure that scams or any other issues associated with online gambling do not arise, while offering great customer support departments and creating a safe atmosphere in which to gamble.

Aztec Gems Deluxe is one of the most acclaimed agents bola di tangan, known for its ancient theme and generous bonuses and jackpots. You can easily sign up for an account, with an intuitive interface allowing for practice before betting with real money – perfect if you want to increase your odds! Start playing today – it’s free and it’s fun – just remember to read over all terms and conditions prior to making any deposits!

Improving Your Poker Skills

Poker is an intricate card game requiring much skill. Understanding other players’ play can help you make better decisions and enhance your overall poker skills, including reading “tells”, which are unwitting ways players reveal information about their hand through facial expressions, body posture or other nonverbal means. To do this, learn to identify these “tells”. These tells may include facial expressions, body posture or anything else non-verbal but telltale signs can include.

When making decisions regarding whether to call, raise, or fold, it is essential to carefully evaluate both potential returns and pot odds. If potential returns exceed pot odds then calling is appropriate while otherwise folding should occur – this way avoiding big mistakes and increasing your odds of victory!

As another way of developing your poker skills, practice bluffing. But be wary when using this strategy: only when you think your opponent has a weak hand should you attempt bluffing. Doing so may force them to fold and increase your chance of winning the pot; just remember that dealer is also watching out for tells that might give yourself away!

If you’re new to poker, a good way to begin learning the game is by keeping a file of hands relevant to your subject matter – whether those from games you have participated in personally or from outside sources. Doing this will allow you to better understand how different hands work while making it easier for you to analyze their strengths and weaknesses.

Once you have mastered the fundamental rules of poker, it’s time to progress further with more advanced strategies. One key tactic is taking advantage of your position at the table by acting first whenever possible and placing opponents into hands which increase pot value.

Furthermore, to maximize profits by playing strong hands. For instance, if you hold pocket Aces, bet aggressively before the flop to encourage opponents to fold – this will strengthen your hand so you can take down the pot!

Beginners to poker should start off small games with more experienced players to familiarize themselves with the game, finding one without distractions so you can focus on developing your strategy. Once you have an understanding of the game, larger prize pools may present themselves; though this requires additional skill but will pay dividends in the long run. Furthermore, staying current on any new developments regarding poker should always be prioritized.

IDNPoker Review

Idn Poker is a well-recognized online poker network offering a range of different games and tournaments, as well as mobile-friendly application compatible with iOS and Android devices. Furthermore, they feature multiple payment options as well as 24 hour customer support service.

To play IDN Poker, players must first create an account. After doing so, they will receive an individual user id that allows access from any internet-enabled device. Furthermore, this website supports most major browsers and multiple languages while being easy to navigate while providing a safe gaming experience.

Idn Poker site also hosts tournaments and promotions designed to draw customers in, providing opportunities to win big prizes while adding excitement to their games. From novice to pro poker players alike, there is something here for all on idn Poker site!

IDNPoker is an acclaimed poker network among recreational gamblers and attracts many players from China, the Philippines, and Malaysia. This soft field network makes IDNPoker ideal for players wanting to compete against lower-ranked opponents; however it has some drawbacks, including low regular player levels and its strict policy against third-party software; should anyone be found using data mining tools, HUDs, or trackers they may be banned with funds seized as punishment.

IDN Poker is a licensed poker network that adheres to stringent anti-hacking and collusion principles. Additionally, the site encrypts personal data for added protection as well as using a random number generator for fairness among its members. Furthermore, the network monitors suspicious activity as well as investigates complaints against members who breach site policies.

IDN Poker provides more than the traditional forms of poker, offering Chinese variants like Capsa Susun and Domino games such as Q-Kick and Ceme as well. Furthermore, private tables can be password protected so only invited participants can join. IDN Poker is also a member of the Asian Online Gaming Association as well as having displayed at various industry conferences such as G2E Asia and iGaming Summit.

IDNPlay provides an impressive variety of casino, sports betting and lottery games as well as a free trial version of its poker game software. Their website can be accessed in multiple languages while they offer a free trial version of this product; their iOS/Android mobile apps feature live chat support that is always accessible; moreover they support multiple currencies making IDNPlay an ideal solution for poker enthusiasts who enjoy playing on-the-go! With such convenient multilingual support and mobile-friendly interface features available at IDNPlay they are perfect for players looking to play their favorite card game anywhere at any time!

Why You Should Build Your Own Pool

If you are considering building a pool in Sydney, making an informed decision is more complex than selecting and paying a swimming contractor. Customer references should be reviewed along with collecting multiple estimates to compare and meeting prospective pool builders in person before making your choice. It is also essential that they are New South Wales Certified Service Professionals licensed with the Registrar of Contractors before making a final choice.

Although many may feel intimidated by the cost and complexity of installing a pool, there are ways to save money. A pool made out of concrete may cost 30% more than its fiberglass or vinyl counterpart, yet will last longer with reduced maintenance needs; furthermore, concrete pools are more energy efficient than their fiberglass or vinyl counterparts and may reduce operating costs by 50%!

Find the best value for your money when selecting a pool company by searching for quality pools at reasonable prices. Reputable companies typically have a wide variety of options and expert guidance, helping you select a suitable pool while staying within budget. When searching, ask about how long the company has been in operation as well as projects they have completed in the past.

Sdy pools offer the ideal setting to make waves with friends or simply relax with a leisurely swim, with safety in mind and non-slip surfaces for added reassurance. Built with gel finishes that resist algae and bacteria growth, they also save time on cleanup duties so you can focus more time enjoying yourself!

Sdy pools are not only easy and affordable; they can bring all of the fun of swimming right into your own backyard! Not only that, but these pools also increase home values so if you plan on selling in the future, sdy pools would make an excellent investment!

Sdy pools offer an easy and relaxing way to stay healthy while still taking advantage of city living. By using this online site, you can easily manage your togel Sydney accounts and quickly check results without risk of scams or frauds. To learn more about this service, simply visit their website and read user reviews or perform a simple Google search to read user comments about it; doing this will enable you to ensure that you’re receiving only top-tier sdy pools Sydney services; plus you’ll know whether or not they have your results available instantly, making decision easier on what options suit best suits you personally!

The Benefits of a Demo Slot

Demo slots provide players with an opportunity to test out the rules and mechanics of an online casino slot before investing any real money in it. They also allow developers to get an early look at whether new titles will prove popular when released publicly; some studios even host tournaments where top performers win real cash prizes! While such events may not be commonplace, they can help boost popularity ahead of release.

Demo slots offer punters many advantages, with the main one being they allow punters to test out different titles without spending any real money. This makes demo slots an excellent choice for beginners looking to test out multiple slots without spending too much. Experienced players also use them to stay abreast of industry developments; developers are always working on something new or refining existing solutions for something fresher and more engaging.

Demo slots offer another advantage, being accessible across a range of devices – mobile phones and tablets alike. Their developers have ensured that these games work across various operating systems so that it remains easy for anyone using any type of device – this feature can especially prove invaluable to those who enjoy taking their favorite casino games with them wherever they go!

Demo slots can also help you assess the quality of an online casino. They allow you to assess whether the games are fair and payouts reasonable. Plus, try out any bonus features to see if they meet your standards in terms of entertainment value.

Demo slots offer another advantage, in that they allow people to test out the interface and graphics of a particular game before buying it or exploring its latest releases in gaming industry. Interface and graphics often play an integral part in how well a game performs; therefore, using demo slots as a test bed for testing these aspects may prove especially helpful when purchasing or trying out a computer for purchase.

There is now a wide variety of online casinos to choose from, with many providing demo versions of their games to make selection easier for players. Furthermore, players can take advantage of a free trial period before depositing funds – which is particularly important if depositing hard-earned funds into an online casino – you should always be mindful of potential risks involved and only risk what you can afford to lose; it would also be wise to read reviews about top online casinos before making your final decision.

What Is a Casino?

Casinos are places where people can gamble by engaging in games of skill or chance. Some casinos are more well-known than others and may provide various forms of gambling options; others specialize in certain games like blackjack or video poker. Some offer complimentary items to their players such as meals or hotel stays while others charge an “house edge” commission to cover expenses.

Many casinos enforce stringent policies regarding both their employees and patrons in order to minimize cheating and theft, both common problems in gambling establishments. There are security cameras set up throughout casinos to monitor activities and make sure everyone follows the rules; additional catwalks above casino floors allow security personnel to directly observe tables and slot machines below through one-way glass.

Gambling at casinos can be entertaining and relaxing; however, it is essential that you establish limits for yourself beforehand. Without proper limits in place, money can quickly slip through your fingers if not carefully managed – leading to financial issues and straining relationships if unchecked. Furthermore, gambling addiction poses serious health risks, so if your gambling becomes out of hand it may be wiser to seek assistance if this becomes an issue for you.

Casino’s are more than just places for gambling – they provide other entertainment options, including restaurants, bars and live performances. Some even boast spa services or high-class hotels onsite – some even feature restaurants serving delicious international dishes! A visit to a casino can provide visitors with a fun-filled way of experiencing all that your city has to offer while serving as an invaluable revenue stream for local businesses.

The casino industry is steadily growing. Since 1990, the number of casinos worldwide has doubled and is projected to continue expanding into the future. Over 900 casinos exist within the US alone; with many being located in Las Vegas. There are also casinos across Europe such as in United Kingdom or Poland.

Casinos have long been an exciting, entertaining way for guests to escape everyday stressors and anxiety. While associated with luxury and glamour, they can also be dangerous as some are illegal and run by organized crime groups; however, this trend has changed and casinos are now more frequently being run by real estate investors, hotels or other big business enterprises than mob-controlled enterprises.

Some cities rely heavily on casino revenues as an income source, using this revenue to fund public services and community projects, provide jobs, and boost local economies. As with any investment decision, governments must carefully weigh up the benefits versus potential drawbacks of having casinos in their communities; many have discovered that more positive aspects far outweigh negative ones.

What is the Hongkong Prize?

The Hongkong Prize is an internationally renowned writing contest that provides writers the chance to compete for cash prizes and showcase their work at an awards ceremony. Furthermore, winners gain access to Hong Kong’s premier research facilities – giving their careers a boost! It is essential that before submitting an entry that all rules are read thoroughly as this will ensure a seamless experience and prevent any issues later.

The Hong Kong Prize recognizes individuals who make outstanding contributions to global civilisation and inspire others toward building harmonious societies. Recipients have included social justice activists fighting for democracy in their home nations and non-profit workers helping homeless adults. Its logo depicting precious elements like pearl and jade amulets is meant to symbolize that human spirit can prevail despite difficult times.

Launched in 2016, this merit-based award seeks to foster scientific innovation and international cooperation within Hong Kong and beyond. Recognising scientists whose breakthroughs have had significant societal effects while encouraging young people to pursue their passions and broaden their global perspectives – it provides a selection process free from sponsorship or committee influences and is open to researchers worldwide.

Winners of the Hongkong prize can expect to participate in seminars and research internships at universities and laboratories throughout Hong Kong, offering them a chance to collaborate with some of the world’s foremost scientists (some even going on to win Nobel prizes!). Those unable to take advantage of these programmes may qualify for travel grants instead.

The Hongkong Prize is open to all enrolled secondary school students in Hong Kong. To enter, interested students must be nominated by their teachers and can submit up to three works before the submission deadline; any winning artworks will be displayed at Hong Kong Science Museum in 2022.

BOCHK SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION PRIZE Board is the highest governing body of this award, responsible for suggesting key scientific research fields for inclusion; setting requirements for nominating experts; verifying and approving review results, as well as ensuring compliance with BOCHK Innovators Charter.

The Hongkong Prize is an independent merit-based award that recognizes those who promote world civilisation and foster peaceful societies. It is open to anyone who has made significant contributions in artificial intelligence/robotics, life and healthcare innovation, materials innovation, new energy sources and advanced manufacturing/FinTech. Hong Kong Science & Technology Award (HKST Award) is the only award in the world that promotes Hong Kong as a hub of innovation through a transparent selection process free from sponsorship or committee influence. HK Prize is named for the Chinese word for pearl and its design is inspired by this symbolism; representing scientific innovation, international cooperation and high standards of moral integrity as values important in Hong Kong’s society.

SGP Pools

Sgp pools offered by Totobet Indonesia feature various, strong backers to facilitate online toto sgp betting. Thanks to current SGP data, we remain capable of maintaining safe operations when matching up sales of Toto sgp tickets.

Cases associated with SGP toto gambling sales did not arise because no system and system use system led to harmful outcomes by those available. Although SGP data leakage could potentially create confusion, however it was mitigated through wagers by those capable of gambling.

Hasil sgp live from around sgp has long been highly sought-after by Totobet, as part of their effort to value official SGP data at launch of Toto SGP Live Tabel and offer unique live sgp prizes which make Totobet reflect real results for sGP live betting.

IBUTOGEL SGP Pools were established to bring players of SGP closer to the sport they play every day. This reliable platform provided professional forecasting teams and SGP odds each day; as a result, many skilled players used IBUTOGEL’s predictions and odds to make gains with every bet they placed.

Master Tabel Data Sgp undoubtedly holds great sway among current Togel Singapore Pools traders, as verified by its high level of research activity toto Singapore Pools Tabel Data Search Volume, giving players a chance to optimize their playing strategy and potentially gain greater access to available resources.

Today’s Singapore Pools togel players understand the significance of an Sgp data table as one of the primary factors to achieving safe jackpot wins. It serves as a repository of accurate Singapore Pools Lotto data in order to win jackpot safely.

Sgp Data Table has become increasingly significant for SGP Lotto Match that will see players win big jackpots. This table often serves to direct non-target sources towards SGP Lotto Players to make them successful jackpot winners. SGP data table was an integral component in SGP toto competition as it provided key data to reach an accessible jackpot prize safely. Furthermore, its results can provide answers on many fronts at once. Be successful when betting on toto SGP by understanding how the chances are determined and which teams to back for the SGP. An integral component is using your odds calculator as it will show how likely are of winning jackpots or being successful at predicting results for SGP bets. This is especially important if you are placing bets on a game’s winner; the more information available to you about that particular sport or league increases your odds of victory and it would be wise to ensure you possess all available knowledge prior to placing bets. That is why it is wise to stay up-to-date on sgp tabel data ini, since you never know when an unexpected big win may appear! Being prepared means placing bets at just the right moment to maximize your odds of hitting jackpot! So to increase your odds of securing one, always check sgp tabel data ini!

Hong Kong Swimming Pools

Hong Kong swimming pools are an integral component of public infrastructure and are available to all citizens at an affordable rate (weekdays are HK$17; weekend prices increase slightly), making them available for water sports activities, lessons in swimming and aqua fitness programming among many other things.

City residents have access to more than 30 indoor and outdoor heated swimming pools, in addition to many private club-operated facilities. Swimming pools usually open from 15 April through the end of October with some temporarily closing for maintenance for up to three weeks at any one time during the year; it is wise to call ahead before visiting to confirm details before making plans to swim in one.

Concerns have been expressed over whether the city of Baltimore is adequately prepared to deal with summer heat waves, with only 40 lifeguards and over 20 swimming instructors currently in its employ – though promises were made by city leaders to hire additional staff before season began. Unfortunately, union representatives fear this may not be feasible given current budget restrictions.

Some pools in Hong Kong have either closed completely or partially opened this summer due to staff shortages and the absence of lifeguards, according to Hong Kong Recreation and Sports Professionals General Union. 20 of 45 pools told their respective swimming clubs they cannot operate all lanes or facilities this season – with 20 outlining they cannot open all lanes or facilities this summer due to staff shortages – the union cautioning that opening only some facilities would negatively impact industry growth as well as swimming instruction.

Unrelatedly, on June 9 dozens of monkeys were seen swimming in a private club pool in Hong Kong, prompting management to shut it down for cleaning. A minute-long video from that incident only recently went public, prompting outrage from animal rights activists and prompting management apologies from the club management.

This 1.5-meter deep pool attracts swimmers from all around the world, as well as spectators wishing to observe from above. There are several seats and tables set up so visitors can sit back and take in all that the scene has to offer.

Apart from its main pool, this facility also includes wading pools and training pools as well as four hot tubs, a sauna and gym/exercise rooms for people to use for exercise purposes.

The Sheung Wan MTR station is just a short walk away, while parking can also be found nearby. Admission prices to the pool vary between weekdays (HK$17) and weekends (HK$19), or free for people aged 13-60 years old. Monthly and annual passes are also available as are family packages which include one adult and two children for just HK$220! Additional facilities at the pool include showers, changing rooms and lockers as well as small shops/snack bars as well as showers/changing rooms/lockers/showers/lockers etc.

Learn the Odds in Blackjack

Blackjack is a game of skill between player and dealer where each attempts to form the best hand possible. To ensure fair play among all parties involved, rules for this particular variant must be observed closely – basic ones being that the dealer must hit until reaching 17 cards or higher; players may request additional cards (hit), stand with their current hand (stand), or ask for more (hit). Aces count either one or eleven allowing for an infinite array of strategies.

The odds in blackjack depend on many variables, including player knowledge and skills, the number of decks used during play, casino rules and betting percentages. They can be measured easily using percentages. With practice comes an opportunity to understand these odds better; use them wisely when making informed decisions for future actions.

An excellent starting point for mastering blackjack odds is a chart highlighting appropriate moves for every situation. Such charts can be found in most online casinos and will assist players in making smart decisions while they play. Each section of the chart details an appropriate move if players hold different types of hands, and what happens if their dealer has blackjack – as well as providing guidance on placing side bets accordingly.

All blackjack players, no matter their skill level, should abide by a few basic strategies when it comes to blackjack. In general, it is better to hit when holding 12-16 against an upcard of 6 or lower from the dealer, and stand on 17 or more hands against that upcard. No matter who the dealer may be or his upcard may be; insurance should never be taken; its odds always favor you!

Card counting systems can also increase your odds of succeeding at blackjack, by keeping track of how many high cards were dealt relative to low cards, and increasing bets as your count goes up. Although this method takes more time and requires use of a calculator than other strategies, some players find it highly profitable.

At blackjack, one of the key elements to remember is that luck does not dictate your odds. Even when your losses mount up quickly, remember that this doesn’t indicate a change in fortune – instead just wait a bit and your luck may improve soon enough! Keep this in mind when adjusting your betting strategy during a losing streak; don’t allow yourself to fall into thinking there will soon be big wins ahead! With these tips in mind you should experience much greater success at blackjack! Good luck!

The Basics of Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the world’s oldest forms of entertainment, dating back centuries as a primitive contest of speed or stamina between two horses to a massive entertainment industry. Since its origins as an early form of competition between horses for speed or stamina, it has developed into an elaborate entertainment business involving large fields of runners with sophisticated electronic monitoring equipment as well as vast sums of money involved. But its core concept remains intact – simply put, whichever horse finishes first wins!

Horse races take place over various surfaces, including dirt, grass and synthetic tracks. The first recorded horse races took place during the Olympic Games of Greece between 700-400 BCE. Later they became incredibly popular throughout ancient Rome as well. Modern-day organized horse races take place all around the world according to set rules and regulations.

Horse races are competitions where horses are ridden or pulled by jockeys to vie for prizes. Riders must control their horses to prevent falls and keep them moving at an even pace, and also adhere to certain safety regulations like staying behind the leader or not crossing fences; those who violate any such regulations could be disqualified from participating.

The first recorded horse races took place between 700 and 400 BC at the Olympic Games of Greece; however, organized racing didn’t become widely practiced until early 19th century. At that time, one could wager on the outcome of horse races either by betting at the track itself or through a betting agency; today this can also be done online via an online betting service.

Modern horse races typically feature various classes with the top horses competing for prestigious stakes, usually offering larger purses than others. Each horse must carry an evenly distributed weight load determined by factors like ability, age, sex and training as well as other considerations that could impact performance significantly. The weight can have a dramatic effect on performance.

Trainers face considerable uncertainty when selecting their horses for the highest-rated class races, which depends on factors like season and number of retired or reclaimed horses from prior races. Trainers need to ensure their horses are ready at the appropriate times and races.

Though horse races remain fraught with uncertainty, they remain among the world’s most thrilling spectator events. Nothing beats feeling the earth shake as an endless sea of hooves thunder down a track during a horse race! Thanks to new technologies such as thermal imaging cameras, MRI scanners, and 3D printing – horse racing has never been safer on and off track; safety measures even extend into stables and training facilities where horses reside.

Swimming in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has recently experienced a sudden change in weather as an active trough of low pressure brings heavy showers, but people were eager to enjoy swimming at one of Hong Kong’s 22 public pools managed by Leisure and Cultural Services Department despite their day-time admission prices of HK$17 for adults on weekdays and HK$19 on weekends – with concession rates available to persons with disabilities, children aged three-13, full-time students as well as those in receipt of disability pension.

W Hong Kong offers an idyllic pool experience on its 76th-floor pool. Offering unparalleled views of Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong’s skyline, its pool has long been popular with Instagrammers looking for a summer selfie backdrop. Furthermore, a wellness membership allows full access to both pool and changing room as well as consultations, spa credits, and more!

Kennedy Town is another top spot for swimming, boasting both indoor and outdoor pools, plus one of Hong Kong’s highest water slides. These pools can get packed on weekdays and weekends during summer; to avoid crowds altogether, visit in winter when many public pools close due to colder air temperature.

Hong Kong pools have long been popular among swimmers from mainland China. One Shenzhen newspaper noted the swimming facilities offered are more affordable and offer better facilities than those found there, though some fear this influx of mainland swimmers might diminish Hong Kong’s swimming culture and reputation.

Swimming pools in Beijing and other Asian cities are filled with Chinese tourists during peak season, displeasing local swimmers who complain that quality of the water has suffered as a result. Due to this influx, some of Hong Kong’s premier swimmers have left their clubs for Shenzhen facilities that provide more coaching and training opportunities – forcing others to abandon them entirely. Due to this surge in arrivals, some Hong Kong pools have had to close due to contamination with vomit and faeces from migrants. However, a union has requested that the government permit schools and swimming training centers to rent out pools even during operating hours so long as a lifeguard is present. This would prevent overcrowding by mainland swimmers while protecting local swimmers – though as yet no response from government has been forthcoming on this request.

The Different Types of the Sidney Prize

A sidney prize is an excellent way to recognize those making positive contributions to society and inspiring others, and can serve as an incentive to continue working hard toward reaching your dreams. There are various types of sidney prizes, so it is essential that before applying you research each one and understand their particular requirements.

Professor Sidney Cox had an enormously positive influence on Dartmouth students both inside and outside his classes, inspiring countless of them to write with integrity and originality that has long been his hallmark. To recognize his contributions this award recognizes undergraduate writing that best adheres to these high standards he upheld with each course he taught; Sophia Jactel from Art History won this year for her paper entitled ‘Domesticity and Diversions: Josef Israels’ Smoker as a Symbol of Peasant Culture and Home in Nineteenth-Century Holland’.

Event Cinemas Rising Talent Award is an annual grant that seeks to recognise an aspiring creative working in short film with a cash prize of $7,000. Open to Australian-based filmmakers, directors and screenwriters with no more than five short film credits; Robyn Liu has recently won this coveted prize with her imaginative, innovative and high-impact work as director, writer and actor.

Numerous individuals around the globe are working tirelessly to make a positive difference for humanity, whether through activism, writing or research. Their efforts should be recognized – and that’s why there are various sidney prize awards that offer financial incentives to those most deserving.

Hillman Foundation recognizes investigative journalists pursuing investigative reporting and deep storytelling for the common good, often uncovering social or economic injustices such as Hilton Als’ New York Times series on Haitian debt or Ed Yong’s articles on health policy at The Atlantic. Prize recipients receive substantial sums of money they can use to advance science within their communities or beyond.

Overland Magazine and the Malcolm Robertson Foundation administer an exceptional Sydney Prize called the Neilma Sydney Prize, open to subscribers and readers of Overland magazine alike, that is judged blind. It offers one winner $5,0000 along with publication both online and in Overland magazine while two runners-up will each be granted $750 prizes; Patrick Lenton, Alice Bishop and Sara Saleh serve as judges.

Result SDY Review

Results SDY – Results SDY is one of Australia’s premier online websites, offering an expansive selection of betting options tailored to every taste and budget. Furthermore, new users are offered a free trial period so that they can experience this service before signing up – an ideal solution for anyone wanting to test online gambling before making larger commitments. However, it is essential to be aware of any risks involved before opening an account with Results SDY.

Result Sdy is a web resource designed to make betting on sports events easy and accessible; whether that be horse races or football matches. PC, tablet and mobile users alike can take advantage of it to place bets without needing to leave home; live streaming of many sporting and horse race events as they unfold makes this resource ideal for placing bets without needing to leave home.

As well as sports betting services, this website also offers casino and poker room games – providing an opportunity to win big money playing these games! Plus it boasts an exceptional customer service team ready to address all of your inquiries or issues.

SDY offers an expansive list of casino games beyond its sportsbook, such as blackjack, baccarat and video poker. Their poker room hosts over 30 games while live dealer tables offer an authentic casino experience. Their robust software platform guarantees that gamers don’t lose out when winning big!

SDY’s poker room provides an enjoyable and relaxing way to pass the time. With spacious lobbies featuring comfortable seating, its spacious lobbies provide the ideal place for you to choose between various games including Texas Hold’em and Roulette – SDY’s poker room is an excellent choice for all skill levels from beginners up to professionals alike!

SDY Pools is an official Sydney Lotteries operator that can be trusted, providing safe and comfortable betting through SDY data 2024 complete. As part of its value offering, this trusted provider also participates in providing complete data SDY complete 2024 from official operators of Sydney lotteries.

Live Draw Sgp

Live draw sgp is a vital element for toto sgp players. After they conduct their draw, it is imperative that the results from the latest Toto SGP Pool 6d draw are known. In order to do that, players should visit Singapore pools’ official website – an online portal offering betting on Toto SGP online and many advantages over traditional forms of betting like placing bets from any location without risk. Besides this convenience factor, the website has also been licensed by trusted authorities to offer toto sgp toto bet services sgp toto bet services sgp Toto Bet services!

Once upon a time, Totobet SGP could only be accessed on specific computers; now however it can also be accessed from mobile devices – making this service much more accessible! Play from any room of your own home; bet day or night without worry or disruptions from software downloads! It also makes this option great for players on the move looking to bet while betting for fun without disrupting work hours!

Bet with confidence knowing the website is secure and regulated by Singapore. Furthermore, they provide multiple payment methods and easy usage; finally they’re accessible 24 hours a day allowing for deposits and withdrawals with ease; their customer service has an impressive track record within the online gaming industry.

Live sgp toto is unparalleled when it comes to providing an effortless betting experience, thanks to an expert team of professionals dedicated to offering customers premium betting experiences and regularly updating systems for enhanced safety.

As there are many unlicensed gambling websites operating within Singapore, it is wise to do your research on potential sites before making deposits. Without checking for licensure of each casino website you deposit money into, your funds could potentially go missing; so it is advisable to pick one with good reputation and trustworthiness.

There are multiple approaches to finding the best online gambling sites. One is searching the web for reviews and feedback from past customers; another way is reading articles written by experts in the field, to select an ideal gambling site based on your personal needs and preferences. By doing this, you have a much greater chance of locating one suitable to you – as well as being more likely to avoid scams and frauds that might exist in the industry.

Gambling and Its Impact on Personal, Family, and Community Life

Gambling is an activity where individuals attempt to win money or prizes by placing bets on events with unknown outcomes, whether for social, recreational, or financial purposes. While some gamblers experience problems while other can control their gambling and do not experience issues associated with this form of entertainment. However, gambling can quickly become addictive and cause significant harm to both health and well-being. There are various causes for addiction to gambling including mental health conditions as well as genetic predisposition. Pathological gambling is considered an addictive disorder and was recently added to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) as a subset of substance-related disorders. Furthermore, its negative impacts can have negative ramifications on individual, family and community lives.

Gambling can be an enjoyable and harmless hobby for most people, providing them with an opportunity to socialize with friends, meet new ones, compete against each other in friendly competitions and relax or alleviate stress. According to estimates, around 75 percent of those who gamble responsibly do it only for entertainment purposes; however 20 percent overindulge and incur debts that compromise their ability to support themselves or their families.

Gambling draws many people for multiple reasons. One key motivator may be the chance of winning money; this can be especially appealing to those struggling financially or employment-wise. Others find gambling relaxing as it gives them an escape from daily routine and exposure to different sights, sounds and emotions – often amplified by media portrayals depicting it as glamorous and exciting!

One reason some people enjoy gambling is the sense of accomplishment it provides them. This is especially true for games requiring strategic thinking and high concentration, such as poker or blackjack, where one must concentrate hard for success. Also, those who engage in such games with others tend to be happier than when playing solo.

Gambling can be educational. It can teach individuals the fundamentals of probability, statistics and risk management while providing real-life examples to help students understand these topics in school and college classes.

Gambling can have a positive effect on the economy in multiple ways. It creates jobs and generates tax revenue for governments, which benefits society as a whole. Furthermore, it encourages tourism which can bolster local economies; furthermore it may encourage people to spend their money locally which stimulates retail businesses or other industries that rely heavily on gambling revenues.

Data SGP

Data SGP is used to facilitate worldwide tote betting. More commonly known by its acronym, data SGP contains many useful insights into improving student performance; such as helping identify struggling students and tailor interventions accordingly. Educational leaders also make use of it when creating policy or school improvement plans.

Data SGP is available for all students who take part in the Star assessment and is useful for measuring a wide array of student outcomes – academic achievement, social-emotional skills development and career readiness are just a few. Data SGP allows educators to gain insight into each student’s strengths and weaknesses as well as compare how they compare nationally. Educators can use this data over time in order to better support their students.

At the center of any estimate of SGPs lies the quality of its underlying latent achievement attribute model and assumptions, as well as how these relate to data analysis. In this article, this model is discussed and its distributional properties assessed through analysis of test scores and student background characteristics. Furthermore, using relationships between test scores and background characteristics to increase precision of SGP estimates is demonstrated.

This article goes beyond simply outlining the basics of SGP modeling to demonstrate its use for various analyses using the SGP Package. These analyses include prepareSGP, analyzeSGP and combineSGP analyses. Furthermore, this package also has wrapper functions called abcSGP and updateSGP that “wrap” all these steps together into single function calls, further simplifying source code associated with operational analyses.

SGP analyses require longitudinal student assessment data in WIDE or LONG format. Most errors found during SGP analyses arise from improper preparation, so it is vital that thorough planning be done prior to performing an operational analysis.

The sgpData data set offers numerous valuable tables and files for performing SGP analyses. Of particular value is the sgpData_INSTRUCTOR_NUMBER table, an anonymous lookup file that contains instructor details associated with each student test record – this allows teachers to assign multiple instructors per content area over an entire year for every content area for that student. Another essential sgpData table is sgpData_STUDENTS_PERCENTILE_TABLE that allows educators and parents to compare their students’ performance against similar students within their school region, state or country.

This article describes how to use the sgpData data set to estimate student growth percentageiles (SGP) and projections (SGP) for all students, and provides tips for using its handy sgpData_STUDENTS_PERCENTILE_TABLE tool for comparing SGP results across grades or demographic groups – key steps towards ensuring accurate and meaningful SGP estimates are calculated; additionally it details correcting bias in interpretation results when dealing with special education and gifted programs by providing sources of bias as well as advice for their mitigation; in-depth steps to ensure accurate interpretation is accomplished when dealing with SGP results as this article offers sources for this matter and gives advice for how best to avoid it when working with special education or gifted programs.

Singapore Pools Result

If you want to be successful at Singapore Pools, make sure that you have accurate data before placing a bet. Without accurate information, your money could easily go down the drain; to prevent this from happening it is imperative that you regularly review results available through Singapore Pools official website – with luck, you may even win big and hit the jackpot!

Toto Sgp Bettors have recently experienced shock after placing bets at Singapore Togel Exchange (STX). Bettors could place wagers Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday; with administration also working to protect bettor health with strict regulations that run parallel with toto’s operation and various exit points from Toto.

Official Singapore Pools data (sgp data) is a collection of 4D numbers from Singapore Pools which is made available in table format. This table can serve to show emerging patterns or trends from recent stages; should it show realistic patterns or trends, betting agents might believe they will succeed at winning SGP numbers during future periods.

Live draw sgp is an increasingly sought-after keyword or phrase by toto sgp bettors for providing daily lottery information. Here, you can immediately enjoy today’s Lotto SGP number!

Sgp has become an indispensable tool in global finance. SGP is an online togel vendor certified by World Lottery Association (WLA). WLA acts as a commercial agent to promote gambling online businesses like SGP.

To stay abreast of SGP results, the most reliable way to access them is via a site that updates regularly. This ensures you won’t miss anything and makes it easier to make informed decisions regarding bets. Ideally, your chosen sgp results site should also boast an impeccable reputation and provide multiple methods of payment; otherwise you risk experiencing poor betting experiences and failing to capitalize on opportunities available through betting sites with poor credentials.

Comprehensive SGP Results is a web service which enabled totobet to offer security and trust when working together with Toto Singapore Pools. As previously noted, Totobet enabled official data processing together with Toto SGP Pools.

Totobet Indonesia is an agency which facilitates direct and trustworthy payment through SGP pools toto, making for an exceptional gambling experience. Trust is of utmost importance here!

Sgp doesn’t reduce sales of Sgp toto, as Singapore is its official home, but rather allows users to find relief with it. Sgp acts as an agent of togel singapore pools which produces Sgp data, which has long been known as an online togel marketplace linked with them – this data also serves as the official data of toto SGP! Sgp offers excellent security and privacy policies for its users; an important consideration for many bettors looking for peace-of-mind when playing toto SGP! Moreover, joining this site is completely secure yet free and safe; making sgp an excellent choice for newcomers!

How to Make Smart MMA Betting

As mixed martial arts (MMA) fights are taking place almost weekly, hardcore fans never run short of action to watch or betting opportunities to consider. While picking a winner might seem simple enough, punters can also place wagers that offer significant returns by making strategic bets that deliver real returns.

Understanding the odds, researching your bets, and managing your bankroll are the cornerstones of successful MMA betting. But there are other aspects of wagering on MMA events to keep in mind as well. Casual gamblers can often fall prey to common traps unique to this form of gambling; learning how to navigate around them will ensure smart bets.

Money lines are the simplest bet in MMA betting, which involves placing a bet on which fighter you believe will prevail in an MMA fight. The odds will depend on whether they’re an underdog or favorite; your potential payout could change accordingly.

Betting on the method of victory in mixed martial arts (MMA) bouts is another popular bet and involves guessing whether or not the fight will end via knockout, submission, or decision. Markets offering this betting opportunity usually exist for each major UFC fight and can be found at top-rated MMA wagering websites.

Round Bets, an Over/Under wager on how long an MMA fight will last, are popular MMA betting options. This bet provides an easy way to jump in the action quickly and can have significant returns if your fighter has a track record for finishing fights quickly.

Parlays are another popular MMA bet, and can be highly lucrative. By combining multiple bets into one bet, the potential payout of parlays is higher than placing each selection individually. However, all selections must win for you to receive any payoff from a parlay bet.

First and foremost, successful MMA betting requires familiarizing oneself with the rules and regulations specific to each promotion you bet on – such as UFC. Each event has specific regulations which must be observed before placing any bets. Understanding the rules of each betting site you utilize is crucial to finding the best odds. Familiarize yourself with their betting cadence so you can anticipate when MMA odds will be posted for an event. As odds for each major fight are usually released a few days prior, it is vitally important that you familiarize yourself with both fighters and matchups being contested before placing any bets. Conducting a careful evaluation of fighter backgrounds, current form and history in the sport will form the cornerstone for making informed bets on fights. Investigating past performances against opponents with similar styles as well as their ground game, striking ability and stamina will prove useful when trying to predict how a fight may unfold.

How to Play Online Poker

Online poker is an enjoyable global activity played over the Internet with real money stakes and players from around the globe. Available 24/7 and providing thousands of ring games at all skill levels as well as tournaments with buy-ins ranging from free to thousands of dollars, the best poker sites provide safe environments regulated by stringent laws to protect player accounts and personal data.

To start playing poker, one must register at an online poker site and provide personal and financial details as well as create a username and password. After registration has been approved, a deposit method can be chosen so funds appear in your account balance – then players can select games to begin stacking chips! When they have amassed enough chips they may cash out or continue expanding their bankroll.

Some of the most widely played variations of poker include Texas Hold’em, Omaha Stud and Draw – challenging games for beginning players but filled with tips and tricks to help newcomers master them quickly. It is crucial to learn all about each variant’s rules as well as reading an opponent’s betting tendencies to develop your skills as an expert poker player knows when it is appropriate to raise, fold or play even weak hands.

Poker is a long-term skill game, so mastery requires consistent effort on your part. Top pros spend almost as much time studying as playing, so if you’re serious about becoming an amazing player yourself, study is your key ally. Signing up for training sites, networking with successful pros, and rigorously analyzing every session are all great strategies to achieve this goal.

COVID-19’s pandemic has led to an exponential surge in traffic for many reputable poker sites, but it’s essential to remember that online gambling remains illegal under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. There are however a few countries in which poker is legal; when traveling there, take care in selecting sites which adhere to stringent regulations to ensure your account funds and personal information remain protected. It’s best to use only well-established sites with security features like digital device fingerprinting – this helps guard against fraud as well as identity theft – for optimal gaming experiences.

What You Should Know About Slot Pulsa

Slot Pulsa is Indonesia’s most trusted slot gambling site online, providing services via Telkomsel Pulsa without fees to enable deposit slots without fees for slot pulsa, making all playing judi slot game the best possible.

Telkomsel Pulsa Deposit Slot Pulsa allows for players to easily register a real account and enjoy playing their goal safely. It is the easiest and fastest method of access by resident slot players with internet connectivity.

The best thing about is its safe environment for its players to play the games they love, with user-friendly website design and fast payouts for betting systems and fast payouts – making it the ideal choice for mobile bettors who wish to wager while on the move. Furthermore, games come in multiple languages so it will be easier for anyone looking for their perfect game to find it here.

One of the key considerations when selecting a slot game is the number of ways to win. Most slots contain multiple ways for a player to score winning combinations – especially if playing for real money! For optimal odds of success it may be wiser to opt for a machine with the highest jackpot amount.

Another important consideration when selecting a slot machine is its number of paylines. In general, more paylines mean an increased chance of winning; however, you could find one with fewer lines that still has an excellent chance of hitting jackpot.

As well as choosing a slot with multiple paylines, you should look for one with an excellent RTP (return to player) percentage. This will ensure you make the most out of your casino experience; otherwise it could seem like a waste of your time; be sure to read reviews prior to making a decision!

If you’re new to slot gaming, try out a demo version first before wagering real money. This will give you an understanding of how the games work and help determine if they suit your style; most casinos provide this free demo version on their websites.

Finaly, make sure that any casino you’re considering holds a license. This is vitally important as it indicates that it is regulated by an official body and you can trust them with protecting your funds. Likewise, it will help protect you from becoming victims of scams by untrustworthy casinos – you can easily do this by visiting the Casino Authority homepage and looking for its license number.

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