What is the Hongkong Prize?

Hongkong Prize is one of Asia’s premier writing competitions, drawing authors from around the world. With an impartial judging process that guarantees their work will be considered fairly, winners of this event may receive both monetary prizes as well as being invited to an awards ceremony in Hong Kong. Anyone considering applying should read its rules and regulations thoroughly prior to applying.

The Hong Kong Prize is an annual award that recognizes scientific articles with meaningful statements about society. Applicants are encouraged to submit articles from any area of medicine; special consideration will be given to research with implications for clinical practice or that may have significant ramifications on human health and wellbeing. Articles may take many forms – clinical studies, observational/epidemiological analyses or meta-analyses can all be submitted.

This year’s HK Prize nominations include activists fighting for freedom and democracy who may face jail time, along with social justice initiatives that provide shelter to homeless adults – these individuals demonstrate how the human spirit triumphs even under duress.

Other winners of the HK Prize included young reporter Xi Tianqi who took home second runner-up in Best Young Reporter for her story about Hong Kong’s efforts to rapidly accelerate adoption of both public and private electric vehicles. James Cook won first runner-up in Best Headline with his piece entitled, “In the Green Fast Lane”.

This competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students both locally and overseas. It recognizes those who publish scientific articles with significant impact in their field and who have made positive contributions to society. Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited sponsors this prize with help from various academic and industry partners.

As well as receiving monetary prizes, winners of the Hong Kong Prize will have the chance to visit Hong Kong’s leading research facilities and meet scientists from around the globe. Furthermore, this prize encourages global scientific collaboration networks.

The HK Prize offers scientists the perfect chance to gain recognition for their achievements while inspiring other researchers to continue working hard. Furthermore, it serves as an incentive to remain in Hong Kong; an internationally-recognized hub of science and technology research. Anyone curious about competing can learn more by visiting its official website and speaking to one of its representatives; once registered they should carefully read through all regulations so as not to cause any issues later on – this will allow them to successfully navigate competition while enjoying cultural aspects unique to Hong Kong, making their experience all that much richer.

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