What is the SGP Prize?

The Singapore General Prize of Science and Technology recognizes individuals who have made notable contributions to the development of science and technology in Singapore. While not designed specifically to recognize research accomplishments, this award recognizes individuals who have played an instrumental role in elevating Singapore’s S&T ecosystem to world-class status – whether that means pioneering a field of study or aiding technology’s progress through promotion or management; or having set high standards of excellence or leadership within S&T sectors and promoted its use for national welfare.

In order to be considered for the Singapore S&T Professional Prize (SGP Prize), an individual must possess at least two years of work experience and hold a relevant university or polytechnic degree. Furthermore, nominees must demonstrate active contribution to Singapore’s S&T community through membership in professional societies or organisations and demonstrate a deep commitment towards S&T. In order to nominate someone for consideration by SGP secretariat they must fill out and submit an official nomination form along with supporting documents to SGP secretariat.

SGP’s award is one of the country’s most coveted, honoring those who have demonstrated an exceptional level of community involvement and accomplishment. Nominators for this award must be at least 35 years old, have completed at least three full-time employment contracts (or four part-time contracts), as well as provide an official letter from an authority in their organisation which details their contributions to S&T community.

Alongside the SGP Prize, Singapore also recognizes individuals for outstanding achievements in various fields of work through awards such as IDA Scholarship, PSA Scholarship and PSTM Fellowship. Undergraduate students who have an outstanding academic record may apply for the IDA Scholarship; PSA Scholarship and PSTM Fellowship awards recognize contributions made towards science and technology development within Singapore.

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